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The list of 2016 finalists Zhejiang hundred enterprises released, to raise the threshold, Kunlun holdings topped the list

幸运农场注册网址October 26th, the Zhejiang provincial enterprises association, the Zhejiang Provincial Association of entrepreneurs, Zhejiang Provincial Industrial Economy Association announced the list of top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang province. According to statistics, 2016 of the top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang province the annual operating income amounted to 3 trillion and 767 billion 77 million yuan, representing an increase of 0.08%; the top 100 enterprises with total assets of 2 trillion and 860 billion 546 million yuan, representing an increase of 9.98%; there are 44 companies shortlisted for the 2016 Chinese enterprise 500, Kunlun holdings ranked thirty-ninth, to maintain the leading position in the country. Hundred finalists threshold to further improve, the overall business income of the top hundred companies listed threshold increased by 11 billion 704 million yuan in 2015 to 12 billion 134 million yuan this year; service industry hundred finalists threshold increased by 38.11%. Hundred enterprises, manufacturing enterprises 64, operating income increased by 3.58% over the previous year.

Internationalization and mergers and acquisitions have become the main way of Zhejiang enterprises bigger and stronger. 2016 hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province overseas revenue growth of 8.31% over the previous year, there are 27 enterprises to implement the merger and reorganization activities of the year, a total of 73 mergers and acquisitions of enterprises.





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