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President Zhang Bilai came to visit our research


Xihu District as the country's top 500 private enterprises on behalf of the afternoon of May 6th, the Hangzhou municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Municipal Federation Chairman Zhang Bilai, Hangzhou City Federation of Party members, inspector Mao Fujun, City Federation of industry and Commerce office more than Zuoyi, City Federation of industry and Commerce Economic Liaison Office Deputy researcher Shen Guojun, vice chairman of the CPPCC Xihu District, District United Front minister Zhang Yueding, District Federation party secretary, chairman Wei Xiaoping, District Federation Secretary General Zhou Huanchen, District Federation of industry and Commerce office director Cui Li, to our research visits, to understand the operation situation of Xihu District national top 500 private enterprises, the company to listen to opinions and suggestions. I hope Kunlun group to a peak. To make contribution to Hangzhou city and Zhejiang province.

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