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Kunlun Properties buyers in China's real estate development enterprises 50


March 22nd, by the China Real Estate Research Association, China real estate industry association and the China Real Estate Evaluation Center hosted the 2013 China real estate enterprises 500 evaluation results conference held in Beijing.

The meeting, Chinese real estate research, China real estate industry association center and China real estate jointly issued the "2012 China top 500 real estate development enterprises evaluation report" and commercial real estate ten strong, ten outstanding construction developers, ten series of typical project evaluation list. At the summit, I won the Kunlun group: "2013 Chinese real estate development enterprises 50 strong" forty-ninth, "2013 China real estate development enterprises in the commercial real estate 10 strong" fifth, "China ten outstanding construction developers", while Kunlun mansion project won the "typical project 2013 China 10 real estate development enterprises strong".

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