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幸运农场注册网址Zhejiang Kunlun Properties Group was founded in 1993 and owns grade A qualification of real estate development. With stable development, exploiting and progress for 20 years, the Group has ranked among top-100 real estate enterprises in China. Developing up to today, the Company has developed such projects as Lvzhou Zhixin, Shuiyin City, Red Apple, Oak Park, Kunlun Mansion, Kunlun Residence, Kunlun Tianlai Residence, Tianjin Kunlun Center, Nanjing Kunlun Plaza and so on, these projects cover such property forms as residence, villa, urban complex and so on. During operation of many projects, the Group always makes great efforts, seeks more perfection and has obtained abundant development experiences. Enterprise is human-oriented; talent is the source power for development. Presently, Kunlun Properties Group owns more than 600 professionals of different fields. Out of them, personnel with educational background above undergraduate accounts for 75%, personnel with educational background above master accounts for 15%. From 2008 to 2013, Kunlun Properties Group has won the honorable title of “China top-100 real estate enterprises” for six years consecutively. In 2013, the Group ranked the 49th place. In 2011 and 2012, the Group won the golden brick prize of “real estate company with greatest investment value” for two years consecutively. Many prizes mark that the Group has ranked among the first-class enterprises in China in respect of comprehensive strengthen, scale, growth, profitability, risk resistance capacity, operation efficiency, sense of social responsibility and so on.

幸运农场注册网址Kunlun Properties Group is enabling more people to fully participate in the rapid development of urban construction through participating in the promotion of the healthy and humanistic advancements of urban construction. So far as concerned, the group has completed the strategic layout and deep cultivation in the two regions of Yangtze Delta Region and Circum-Bohai-Sea Region with Zhejiang as the core, and is continuously exploring to the central and western regions, so as to preliminarily realize the national scale expansion. In the wider field of the future, the group will cooperate with the industrial partners in jointly promoting the urbanization process and exploring the innovative space of urban architecture. In 2014, the development volume under construction of Kunlun Properties Group broke the threshold of 6 million m2 , in national perspective, the group has entered the real estate development markets of 15 cities, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Huzhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Shaoxing, Zhenjiang, Guizhou, Yantai, Xi’an, Weinan, Shangluo and Wuhan. In the coming 5 years, Kunlun will emphasize on the risk resistance capacity of the enterprise in both commercial house development and land acquisition, its development field will also gradually transfer from the east region to the central and western cities, especially some economically strong cities, which will be the main objects for expansion and development. It is estimated that the development volume under construction of Kunlun in 2015 will reach 10 million m2 for the first time.

幸运农场注册网址In recent years, the simultaneously developing troika of residence development, construction management and commercial investment has become the unique development model of Kunlun, in 2012, the Kunlun Construction Management Group and Kunlun Commercial Investment Management Group formally hung out their shingles as independent legal entity units, and effectively promoted the group’s scale development in the professional field of real estate. In the development aspect of urban complex projects, besides the Hangzhou Season Square, Tianjin Kunlun Center, Nanjing Kunlun Center and Nanjing Kunlun Square, nearly ten commercial complexes, including Shanghai Kunlun Center, Wuhan Kunlun Center, Xi’an Kunlun Center, Yantai Kunlun Center, Hangzhou Kunlun Center, etc., are under simultaneous construction and planning. In coming 5 years, the two commercial brands under this company, Kunlun Center and Kunlun Plaza, will cover the main cities of Yangtze Delta Region and the central and western regions, enter ten core cities, develop and operate 1 million m2 of commercial real estate projects. In the aspect of construction management and operation, since getting involved in the agent construction of affordable housing for the first time in 2010, the group has widely received various of government agent construction, commercial agent construction and financial agent construction operations in recent years, by the end of 2014, the group’s agent construction operation has reached the development area of nearly 20 million m2. In the aspect of residence development, the three heavy-weight-level projects of Kunlun Mansion, Kunlun Residence, Kunlun Tianlai Residence have shaken Hangzhou City, and already became the decisively important masterpieces; the projects of Huzhou Kunlun Longshan Mansion and Wenzhou Kunlun Mansion are in continuous hot sell, besides, the projects such as Shaoxing Kunlun Residence, Hangzhou Kunlun Huafu Residence, ZODIAC, etc. are also about to be released. With the group’s great strength and untiring pursuit of excellent quality, its products of high-rise landmark mansions, suburb low-density residences and newly-developing white-collar communities are already becoming the focus attracting attentions from local cities.

幸运农场注册网址With continuous enterprise scale expansion, Kunlun Properties Group just transforms from a real estate development enterprise to a comprehensive real estate operator that integrates resource of the entire industry chain of fundamental construction. Mission of Kunlun Properties Group for demonstrating wonderful city will be expanded to more cities with aggressive progress of the Group.

幸运农场注册网址Kunlun Properties Group forecasts future with wisdom, shapes excellence with quality and become the peak of Kunlun Group with view in advance of the age.




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