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Established in the year of 1959, Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group uses property as a link, making capital operation and assets management as main pattern, gradually forms the diversified development structure of real estate, building operations, business investment and operations, education, sports, sports medicine and finance emerging industries, which helps to firmly implement capitalization and internationalization. The Group consists of Kunlun Real Estate, Kunlun Construction, Qikun Education, Kunlun Sports & Medicine, financial investment, hotel management & commercial operation as well as goods trade, administering more than 100 companies. During the “Twelfth Five-year” period, the Group’s total business revenue exceeded 100 billions.


Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group practices the scientific outlook on development, insists customers first, staff the second and shareholders the third, realizes cultural management internally and propels national brand construction externally, growing stronger and larger, thus making sustainable and harmonious development come true. Adhere to the implementation of scale, talent, technology and brand strategies, the Group tries to build up group control and capital operation as two platforms, aims high and surefooted, making efforts to become the first class in Zhejiang, the lead in China as well as the forefront in industries.

According to the statistics and confirmation of China Entrepreneur Association and other related organizations, Zhejiang Kunlun Holding Group stands as No.400 in top 500 enterprises of China, No.83 in the national top 500 private enterprises and No.35 in top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang.


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